Use Tradeshift Apps to build the e-invoicing set-up that suits you

Would you do us a favour? Take out your smartphone or tablet and check how many apps you’ve got on there. Most smartphones already have a bunch of them installed before you’ve even touched it, so let’s say you have about thirty on there. Very smart, Tradeshift, not to ignore the immense popularity of apps. Apps add whole new features, connect your account to other systems like accounting and let you create a setup that works for you — not just what Tradeshift decides to ship. These apps are a good starting point.

Meet the Tradeshift apps

Tradeshift is all about connections. It’s time to set them free and use that data to find out who’s already on Tradeshift and invite them to connect with you. Google Contacts is the app for you. Then it’s it’s time to activate the other useful tools that supplement the invoicing process. More and more of the world’s accounting systems are developing apps to synchronise your data with Tradeshift. Examples like Quickbooks, Kashflow, Sage, Twinfield are all available today. With the core functions taken care of, there’s a whole range of other Apps to try. Like the payments or the Geosho app. Happy apping!

Oh, and don’t hesitate to contact Tradeshift if there’s an app you’d like to see on the platform or if you’d like to develop one.

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