United Biscuits processes 54.000 purchase invoices a year in JD Edwards with ISProjects

May 21, 2014  |  Europe, Invoice Automation

United Biscuits processes 54.000 purchase invoices a year in JD Edwards with ISProjects	United Biscuits has been producing some of the best known and most popular sweet and savory snacks for more than a 100 years now. The brand portfolio of UB includes favorites like: Verkade, Sultana and Delacre. UB has more than 8,000 employees and a strong position in the core markets of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Ireland. The company also knows a strong international growth in North America, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

United Biscuits Northern Europe processed annually about 54,000 incoming invoices into JD Edwards. These invoices are processed and booked in five different companies in three countries and in three different languages. Spread over several (sub)sites nearly 150 people are involved in the capture, booking, approval and further processing of the incoming invoice flow. There was a need for improved efficiency of invoice processing.

Improved efficiency of invoice processing

Paul Hoogenbosch, Business Analyst, United Biscuits: “Until now, the invoices are manually processed in JD Edwards. This was a lot of work and took too much time. Further the accounts payable on location in Brussels processes the invoices for three sites in Belgium and France. Consequently, the invoices are sent back and forward for approval. This caused a lot of mail traffic and delay. We wanted to make an efficiency improvement in this process. Through the Internet and our implementation partner Cadran, we obtained information about potential suppliers. From three organizations we then viewed demonstrations and visited existing customers. By asking the right questions during a reference visit, you certainly get a realistic picture of capabilities and differences between the various possible solutions.”

Voucher logging and cooperation with implementation partner Cadran

For some time now, ISProjects works with implementation partner Cadran and together with them they built a solid interface with JD Edwards.

Paul Hoogenbosch, Business Analyst, United Biscuits: “Voucher logging allows us to see invoices directly in JD Edwards. ISProjects is the only one of the three potential suppliers who offer this as standard functionality. The other solutions can only offer us processing the invoices to our ERP-system after full completion of the audittrail. The latter is not what we want.Extensive interfaces combined with the intensive cooperation between ISProjects and our trusted implementation partner Cadran, made the choice clear and simple.”

Implementation and roll out

The implementation and roll-out to the various locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and France is completed.

Paul Hoogenbosch, Business Analyst, United Biscuits: “The collaboration with Cadran and ISProjects went very smoothly. As a result, issues during implementation could be resolved in consultation. We started with the location in Belgium. Hereby we ran into the complex Belgian VAT legislation. After the required changes were incorporated, the implementations in the Netherlands and France then went as expected. If you have mastered the beginning well, the roll-out to other locations can be performed easily and independently. The first experience is that there is finally insight into where the invoices are located and that the procedures are formalized now, which among other things is nice for the audits.”

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