Turkish Social Security Institution to receive e-invoices starting Oct’17

Following the successful on-boarding of Turkish Customs Directorate onto the Turkish Revenue Authority’s e-invoicing system, Turkish Social Security Institution (“SGK”) has announced on 22/08/2017 that it shall receive e-invoices as of 01/10/2017. (pdf announcement in Turkish)

Despite the fact that the announcement does not mandate the 60000-odd taxpayers operating in the medical sector (hospitals, pharmacies, prescribed optics retailers, medical diagnostic polyclinics, et al.) to obligatorily go into the e-invoicing system, it shall kick-off with about the 500 largest players of Turkish medical sector that shall send their payment claims to the SGK via e-invoicing system. The system will therefore surely entice more users from the medical sector as the first 500 enjoy the advantages of taking out the time and cost associated with documents expediting, manual system entry on the SGK side, approval processes and erroneous invoicing.

The SGK also points to such efficiencies in the last section of its announcement:

… procedures pertaining to medical service providers that are registered to the electronic invoicing system shall be concluded in a shorter period of time thanks to the technological ease brought forward by the electronic invoicing system.

Sources in the Turkish Revenue Authority note that more and more governmental institutions are interested in participating in the ease of e-invoice to streamline their processes and serve the Turkish public in a more efficient an better manner.

eFinans has made its preparations to serve its current and potential clients that wish to issue invoices in the format the SGK will require. It has started coaching its 130+ software partners to develop their connecting software to serve their clients needs on eFinans’s development environment.

About eFinans

eFinans was founded in 2013 by QNB Finansbank and Cybersoft’s partnership. eFinans understands the necessities of Turkish taxpayers in digitization and presents quality-based compliant services with its creative, innovative, and highly-secure electronic applications. In collaboration with 130+ integrated software companies, eFinans offers online solutions to its customers in e-Invoice integration, e-Invoice service provision, e-Invoice archival, e-Ledger, e-Archive (e-bills), registered electronic mail (REM) services together with banking services at its e-Trade portal Finans Yildizi. Growing stronger with its European business partners, eFinans is the first Turkish member of EESPA and the first Turkish collaborator of the Billentis Report in 2014, 2015 and 2016. eFinans continues its work on new applications such as e-Dispatch to be made official by the Turkish RA.

Find out more at https://www.efinans.com.tr/en, at http://eeiplatform.com/author/efinans or contact [email protected]

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