Turkish Revenue Department to mandate E-invoice Archiving

September 26, 2017  |  Asia, Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

The Turkish Revenue Department (G?B) has published a draft communiqué related to e-Archive Invoice application. In accordance with the communiqué, it is expected to become compulsory for taxpayers performing sales on the Internet and with the annual turnovers between 1 million TL and 5 million TL to use the e-Archive Invoice application without the transition obligation to e-Invoice application.

This article was written by Okan Safak FIT Solutions’ Solution Manager

The taxpayers performing sales on the Internet and with the annual turnovers over 5 million TL shall continue to finalize the transition process to e-Archive Invoice application along with e-Invoice. The number of registered users in e-Archive Invoice is currently 8370 and shall substantially increase through the new regulation published by the Turkish Revenue Administration.

Thanks to e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice with the equivalent legal qualification with paper ?nvoice, nuisances such as printing and archiving no longer exist. The invoices transferred to digital environment can be accessed whenever requested. e-Archive Invoice is well known as a solution providing facility for the taxpayers and end consumers not registered within e-Invoice system to send the entire paper invoices with respect to the sales through electronic means. e-Archive Invoice system increases the customer satisfaction by means of its benefits aiming the end consumers.

Even though it is obligatory at the moment, many enterprises have already completed their transition process of transformation applications prior to the publishing of the communiqué due to its advantages offered. These applications not only decrease the costs for the enterprises but also contribute to the environment. Having said that, they contribute to the economy of the country and expedite the financial instruments of the enterprises.

FIT Solutions recommends the entire small or large-scale enterprises within the sector to be digitalized and get involved on e-Transformation platform.



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