Turkish Minister of Finance announces more digitisation

Turkish Minister of Finance announces more digitisation

February 22, 2015  |  Compliance, Digitalisation, Government, Legal

The Turkish Minister of Finance has announced at a press conference, the 5 year action plan on combating the shadow economy of the Turkish Revenue Administration. The plan contains analysis of the shadow economy, incentives for voluntary tax compliance and increasing auditing capacity for the Turkish Administration. These aims are backed up by a series of digitalisation in several fields including but not limited to;

  • increasing e-invoice & e-bill usage in online bookings in tourism
  • online tracking of petroleum derivatives delivery and online tracking of fuel sales to individual vehicles through payment recording (and billing) devices
  • setting up tracking systems for land transports
  • customs documentation and payment systems coordination for better import duty auditing
  • increasing audit measures on online sales (backed up by the 433rd Communique on “e-Archive” System)
  • propagating usage of e-invoicing across the health sector including pharmaceutical distribution and sales channels
  • setting up tracking systems for imported cosmetics and health devices supply chain
  • increasing e-ticket Systems for all passenger transport sectors, entertainment, sports (currently in use for football), show businesses

Full text available at TRA website (in Turkish)

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