Turkey covers a substantial distance in the e-Transformation process

Firm and concrete steps have been taken along with the solid progress in e-Transformation applications with the foundation was initially laid with e-Invoice in 2014 in Turkey. The e-Transformation process ensures the formal economy and the prevention of problems such as forgery, fraud and unfair competition.

Many enterprises, are adapting to the transformation process swiftly after the communiqués were issued, seizing the advantages in terms of time, effectiveness and security in business processes as well as substantial savings obtained in their cost items.

FIT Solutions, Turkey’s leading e-Transformation enterprise, analyses the conversion created by e-Transformation as follows:

Number of Taxpayers is rapidly increasing

Thanks to e-Invoicing, the printing, archiving, cargo and notary expenditures and costs are reduced accordingly and the paper invoice cost which is an average of 6 TL per unit is decreased up to 2 kurus (0.02 TL) and 300 e-Invoices are able to be transmitted with the cost of 1 single printed invoice. In another words, the costs and expenditures of the enterprises are decreased to 1 in 300. The statistical researches indicate that the number of taxpayers registered in e-Invoice application as of January 2017 has reached to 62,142 with an increase of 15 percent in proportion to the 2016 year-end figures.

170 millions e-Invoices have been issued

According to the Revenue Administration data for the year of 2016, the number of e-Invoices issued on an annual basis has become 170,673,313 and the number of e-Archive invoices has reached to 1,005,239,719. If we added the e-Invoice and e-Archive invoices end to end according to these ratios, it would be equal to traveling around the world for 26 times, and if we piled them, it would be 40 times higher than the Mount Everest. In the event that the annual turnover threshold for e-Invoice is to be decreased to 8 million TL from 10 Million TL in 2017, it is anticipated that the number of e-Invoice taxpayers shall be over 100 thousand.

Economization of 500 million TL

The notarization cost of around 5,000 TL of an enterprise, which is keeping books of an average of 10,000 pages annually is just disappearing thanks to e-Ledger. The number of taxpayers registered in e-Ledger applications as of January 2017 has reached to 59,911 with an increase of 12 percent and a savings of approximately 500 million TL is achieved on an annual basis in the national economy.

The entire processes has become transparent

While the processes in the cost efficient e-Archive invoice system that stores the invoices for 10 years can be monitored in a transparent manner, the workload of the enterprises is decreased and the problems such as storage area and archiving difficulties are eliminated accordingly. The number of taxpayers registered in e-Archive invoice application has reached to 6,677 as of January 2017 with an increase of approximately 30 percent.

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