Tunisie Telecom joins Tunisia TradeNet (TTN) e-invoicing network

February 20, 2017  |  Adoption, Africa, Electronic Invoicing

“Tunisie Telecom” has become the first company to join the Tunisia TradeNet (TTN) network; an electronic billing system that will facilitate customer transactions by providing them with a fast, zero-paper digital billing service.

According to Mustapha Mezghani, CEO of TTN, the Tunesia TradeNet system:

  • reduces the use of paper copies,
  • ensures the security of archiving operations
  • works in accordance with legal and tax regulations and international standards, “said.

Several other companies (private and public) operating in the energy, services and press sectors, such as OACA, STEG, SONEDE, Total and SODEXO will join the e-invoicing. And since the introduction of TTN’s electronic invoice in November 2016, the payment period has been significantly reduced from 60% of unpaid bills to 15% currently.

Mustapha Mezghani, CEO of TTN:
“With the introduction of the e-invoice, the cost of storage and the risk of loss of documents are eliminated, since the member company is no longer obliged to preserve its invoices for a period of 10 years, “

Nizar Bouguila, CEO of Tunisie Telecom:
“Tunisie Telecom’s electronic invoices will be made available initially to public companies and later to individuals. The company’s adherence to this system reflects its interest in digitising services and protecting the environment by eliminating the use of paper copies.”

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