Tungsten partners with Buzon-e, opens e-invoicing platform in Mexico

All invoices raised in Mexico must be filed digitally in a pre-specified format, in a successful attempt by the Mexican government to streamline the process and combat fraud. Mexico is one of the first countries to mandate electronic invoicing in this way, and as a result has significantly increased collection of indirect tax.

Tungsten has teamed up with local intermediary Buzon-e to offer a streamlined process to create a legally compliant invoice that also has the necessary commercial information and makes invoice processing more efficient, so suppliers can get paid quicker.

Tungsten Network has expanded its dedicated team in Mexico to help with enquiries about doing business there and to make sure the process is as efficient as possible.

Edmund Truell, Tungsten Group CEO:
“We have spoken to companies who have hesitated about doing business in Mexico due to the complex regulatory requirements, and we’ve invested to make it easy to meet those challenges. Our new process is live and I recently saw first-hand the benefits it is having on businesses big and small. E-Invoicing is now smoother for everyone, saving valuable time.”

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