TrueCommerce simplifies global e-invoicing compliance with TrustWeaver

TrueCommerce, a provider of global trading partner connectivity and integration solutions, has integrated TrustWeaver’s e-invoicing compliance services into its trading partner platform. The TrustWeaver integration will provide TrueCommerce’s customers with an e-invoicing solution that assures VAT-compliance for more than 55 countries, providing legal certainty regardless of changes in legislation.

TrueCommerce’s customers can now be confident that electronic invoices are issued in accordance with local rules for integrity, authenticity, time-stamping and tax administration ‘clearance’. The TrustWeaver service also verifies that invoices received by buyers meet all requirements in these areas. Additionally, TrueCommerce customers can leverage TrustWeaver’s globally compliant archiving service.

David Grosvenor, Senior Vice President & General Manager, TrueCommerce Europe:
“Providing our customers with tax compliance capabilities is an important element of the TrueCommerce e-invoicing managed service. With so many countries introducing real-time controls, it made sense for us to partner with an expert third party. Due to the wide variety of legislation that exists, staying on top of tax compliance is a time consuming and complicated task. However, following our collaboration with TrustWeaver, TrueCommerce customers now benefit from an e-invoicing solution that ensures compliance with the legislation in over 55 countries.”

Stina Treven, TrustWeaver’s CEO:
“We’re very happy to see such a prominent player like TrueCommerce join our partner network. Neither our partners nor their customers need to become compliance experts – we do all the legal monitoring and guarantee that invoices sent to our service are issued, verified or archived in compliance with the applicable law or laws.”

About TrueCommerce Europe

TrueCommerce in Europe is the brand name that brings together three market leading EDI vendors in Europe: Wesupply, Atlas Products and HighJump B2Bi. TrueCommerce Europe delivers the next generation of EDI and e-Invoicing managed service to companies large and small looking to improve efficiency and reduce cost. TrueCommerce Europe is part of the global TrueCommerce and HighJump business serving 15,000 customers with almost 800 staff deployed.

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About TrustWeaver

TrustWeaver provides a comprehensive cloud-based compliance service for electronic invoicing and other legally critical documents for more than 55 countries. From a single technical interface and through our unique Compliance Map ™ concept, more than 60 world-leading B2B integration brokerage vendors in our partner network automatically provide interoperable legal certainty to trading partners that use their solutions, regardless of changes in legislation. TrustWeaver’s unique blend of legal and technical components allows modern organisations to execute their ERP, workflow, archiving and B2B consolidation strategies with guaranteed adherence to the multiple national and sectoral laws governing such transactions, as well as their long-term retention and auditability. In business since 2001, TrustWeaver is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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