Tradeshift wins Circular Economy Digital Disruptor Award

January 28, 2015  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing, Events

As you all know, Tradeshift is one of the fastests growing business platform. Helping buyers and suppliers transform the way they connect, transact and collaborate. For that and for their role in promoting the circular economy as an alternative to the traditional linear economy, they won the Circular Economy Digital Disruptor Award.

The circular economy encourages economic development within natural resource limits and enforces the values of “doing more with less.” Tradeshift embodies these values by creating a foundational change in global business processes. The company sells a digital, platform to its customers, enabling them to shift from a cost-based to a value-based supply chain focus, which has been embraced by many global and Fortune 500 companies such as DHL, UK NHS, ADM. Tradeshift’s technology facilitates transparency and enables companies to take responsibility for their supply chains, while creating sustainability by eliminating the need for paper invoices.

Christian Lanng, CEO of Tradeshift:
As a CEO, I’m very conscious of the impact that my company and its partners have on the environment. As global citizens, we have a responsibility to use our resources wisely. If our company can decrease the number of paper invoices being used while educating others on sustainability certifications and green spending analytics, we are moving in the right direction.”

Lanng accepted the Circular Economy Digital Disruption Award at The Circulars event which took place January 20th at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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