Tradeshift launches a $3bn factoring business to improve access to cash for SMEs

As we all know (and feel) there is an urgent need amongst SMEs for cash, liquidity, and for innovation in the financing and lending space which is dominated by dinosaur-like institutions like banks.  Thanks to a new funding solution by Capital Aid, TradeShift will be able to fund B2B transactions on the Tradeshift platform across all of Europe with a strong focus on the UK.

The new service provided by CapitalAid will address the cash-flow problems faced by most businesses today, by offering them instant payment on their invoices with a ONECLICK solution covering the entire approval process. The aim is to disrupt the current credit market by offering instant cash against invoices — cheaper & faster than any bank can do today.

The simplicity and instant nature of the product removes the risk, time and hassle of going through the lengthy form-based credit approval processes required by banks. By using CapitalAid in TradShift to improve cash-flow, customers can instead focus their time on sustaining and growing their businesses.

The seamless integration of this new fund (which is backed by several large hedge-funds) into Tradeshift, allow users to benefit from real-time credit analysis based on the data that exists within the platform.



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