Tradeshift dives into Oracle: Gold Partnership and Oracle Business Suite Connector

oracle gold partner 150x150 Tradeshift dives into Oracle: Gold Partnership and Oracle Business Suite ConnectorTradeshift has unveiled both the Oracle Gold partnership as well as –and that is much more important- an integrated supply chain connectivity solution for the Oracle E-Business Suite.

The partnership and connector are set to alleviate many of the pain points suffered by Oracle customers looking to integrate platform technology into their ERP systems by lowering risk, reducing cost and time to market. It is the latest of a wide offering of connectors Tradeshift supports to integrate with ERP and accounting systems utilized by businesses around the globe — including SAP, Sage 50, QuickBooks Online, E-conomic and others.

The connector provides seamless integration of the Tradeshift Platform with the Oracle’s E-Business Suite. The connector:

  • should –most importantly- ease the implementation of Tradeshift for enterprises
  • provides a modern, cloud-based supplier network solution.
  • allows documents to be delivered in a “dropbox” like style
  • maintains reports on document transactions that are accessed both manually on the connector interface or pushed in the form of alerts to a designated email or alerting system.

Tradeshift CEO, Christian Lanng:

  • “We worked very closely with the team at Miracle A/S to develop a proven, secure, supported, out of the box solution that allows enterprises engaged with Oracle’s E-Business Suite to quickly and efficiently adopt a state-of-the art cloud-based supplier network solution.”
  • “Our participation in the Oracle Partner Network demonstrates our commitment to the Oracle ERP user community and speaks tremendously to the synergy between our product offerings,”



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