Tradeshift customers gain new insights through Geosho maps

Tradeshift’s Christian Lanng recently made the bold claim that “maps are cool”. We couldn’t agree more, Christian! We love to look at maps and dream of tropical islands somewhere in the Pacific.

That’s why we think it’s a cool idea to be able to take at fresh look at your company via map visualisation. And this is exactly what Geosho provides Tradeshift’s customers with the release of a Spatial Analysis Application on the Tradeshift network.

Visual representation of business data

Tradeshift’s customers are able to view and analyse invoice data instantly on a map using the Geosho app. It lets them select individual clients, and query sales totals by the area that is being viewed. This data can be represented as a heatmap or with clusters. In addition to this, the Geosho app will also allow them to extract outstanding sales invoice data. This image will help you to visualise what we have just said:

Using existing data for business development

  • Paul Sandham, Managing Director of Geosho:“We are seeing an ever increasing trend where businesses are able to make use of location data to inform the decisions they are making. In the world of finance, this is particularly applicable and so this relationship with Tradeshift makes perfect sense. We hope that Tradeshift customers will find new and exciting ways to use this data and location to improve their customer and partner relationship and discover new methods of delivering their business.”
  • Christian Lanng, CEO and cofounder of Tradeshift:“Here at Tradeshift, we love to champion business innovation. We also believe that traditional business software is clunky and out-dated. The Geosho app is a great example of how, by moving into the cloud on a modern, flexible network, Tradeshift users can get access to cutting edge technologies that allow them to do amazing things with the data they hold.”

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