Towards mandatory B2G e-invoicing in France [White Paper]

The Member States of the European Union are steadily advancing in the race towards digitization, based on Directive 2014/55/EU. France will soon become the next to impose e-invoicing in business relations between the public sector and its suppliers.

Facture demat becomes compulsory from January next year for large companies (more than 5000 employees) and all public institutions. However, the French government’s Ordinance Nº 2014-697 provides for gradual adaptation to tax dematerialization, lasting until 2020. The aim is to facilitate the migration of the thousands of businesses working with central and regional administrations.

In January 2018 it will be the turn of companies with 250 to 5000 workers. One year later, SMEs (10 to 250 employees) will join the system, to be finally followed in 2020 by microbusinesses (fewer than 10 employees) Once adaptation is complete, the regulation foresees annual savings of €710 million, of which 335 will be in the private sector

White paperHow to issue e- invoices in France?

The countdown to joining this new technology has already begun for large companies. To this end, the EDICOM has drawn up an Expert Analysis explaining all the details of this system. Through this guide, interested parties can find out all the technical and fiscal requirements, the adjustment periods, the solutions recommended depending on the company and how the Chorus Factures portal works (the administration’s B2G billing platform), among other aspects.

Download the guide to tax dematerialization in the French public sector free of charge.


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