TIE Kinetix releases compliant e-Archiving Solution

TIE Kinetix releases compliant e-Archiving Solution

TIE Kinetix today announced the release of its TIE Kinetix E-Archiving Solution. Designed for all businesses, it allows to store documents in a compliant secure repository instead of using a paper based or non-compliant filing system. Businesses can significantly reduce costs and improve their business processes, when it is effortless and secure to save and retrieve archived documents from a local data store or cloud platform.

TIE Kinetix strives to eliminate the need to store paper documents and to enable users to store important information online via the E-Archiving application. This solution is offered both as a License and service (SaaS).

When it comes to documents like electronic invoices (E-Invoice), businesses need to carefully consider how the information is stored and if all the necessary controls are in place. Each business is required by law to archive all financial documents for later reviewing and retrieval. By introducing E-Archiving into the market, TIE Kinetix can provide both on-line and offline services that guarantee the integrity and authenticity of these documents and preserves this information for later reviewing as is required by law in many countries.

Brian Tervo, Chief Operating Officer at TIE Kinetix:
“With the enormous amount of data breaches in recent times, business owners need to be extremely careful how they store and archive information, especially documents that hold critical internal financial data or personally identifiable information (PII).  Developing a secure solution such as E-Archiving has become a necessity across all corporate business processes. Providing clients with an easy to use, global, secure online storage repository that protects their core business and saves money is a win-win for customers.”


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