TIE Kinetix introduces the Connected Business Network

March 17, 2015  |  Community, Cooperation, Digitalisation

TIE Kinetix has announced the launch of the Connected Business Network, a cloud based community that facilitates the discovery and seamless exchange of electronic documents for businesses.

With 80 percent of transactions still managed on paper, B2B document exchange remains a slow and costly process for many businesses. The core focus of the Connected Business Network is on improving efficiency and reducing costs around document management, storage and sharing by enabling seamless electronic document access and exchange between member companies. The network addresses B2B Integration across five key areas:

  • eInvoicing: Helping businesses streamline the entire billing process electronically with all of the necessary workflows, legal requirements, storage and e-signatures.
  • eDocs: A secure and affordable way to send electronic documents that are normally printed, faxed or mailed, providing customers with standardized formats that can be automatically imported into business systems.
  • eTablet: In a world where daily interactions are almost entirely mobile, there are still significant amounts of businesses that are using paper forms to capture information needed throughout their workplace. The eTablet solution automates and renders any type of document securely using tablet and phone devices, including the capture of electronic signatures.
  • eArchiving: The eArchive solution provides a simple, secure electronic storage process that records both inbound and outbound documents with precision for easy retrieval, recovery and audit processes.
  • EDI: Exchange many different types of electronic documents across your business network of trading partners with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The Connected Business Network supports all secure types of communication and is 100% compliant with global EDI standards ranging from industry to industry.

In addition to streamlining electronic document management for its customers, the Connected Business Network also enables Value Added Resellers (VARs) and System Integrators (SIs) to expand their global connections and build new business opportunities by partnering and participating in the community. Membership creates the opportunity for economic gain through referral and royalties based on their customers’ activities in the community.

Brian Tervo, Chief Operating Officer of TIE Kinetix:
“Making the switch to digital document exchange from paper was once a significant undertaking that often required specific technical expertise and specialized equipment. The Connected Business Network provides an easy and completely new way to access cloud based integration services that significantly reduce the time and ongoing expenses related to the exchange of documents between companies,”

“TIE Kinetix is thrilled to be launching the Connected Business Network with our partner Objectif Lune. This community has the potential to bring enormous value to community participants as well as open up a wealth of new opportunities as VARs and SIs across the globe look to capitalize on the move of business processes to the cloud.”

For more on The Connected Business Network and how to get involved, click here: www.connectedbusinessnetwork.com



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