TIE Kinetix’ EDI solutions optimise the Digital Supply Chain for Bunzl

TIE Kinetix is to provide a Europe wide platform for Bunzl to manage and optimize their supply chain business using TIE Kinetix EDI Solutions. Bunzl is a large European distributor of non-food consumable products.

TIE Kinetix customers on average still only exchange about 30% of their documents fully automatically. That means customers miss great cost saving opportunities. Recognizing this opportunity Bunzl decided to make the next step and moves to optimize its digital supply chain.

TIE Kinetix offers a wide range of SaaS (Software as a Service) based EDI and integration solutions for Bunzl that helps automate the exchange of data between companies, providing huge saving in time and money. This next phase offers Bunzl the continuous monitoring by a team of skilled experts year round to make sure processes keep running. Additionally, the environment is compliant with the latest complex global standards, emerging technologies and cloud infrastructure. Bunzl will upgrade and outsource its EDI software to TIE Kinetix latest state of the art EDI solutions.

Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE Kinetix:
“We are proud with our partnership with Bunzl. This shows the high dependence of large organizations like Bunzl on our Integration solutions. Complicated infrastructure and loss of transaction documents and data are taken care of. This allows every major organization in the distribution market to operate at its absolute best at any moment and in any situation.”

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