TIE Kinetix announces SmartBrigde 3.0.: Guaranteed 100% digitisation of your document stream

TIE Kinetix launched its “TIE Kinetix SmartBridge 3.0”, a total integrated platform to digitize and automate your entire document stream to 100% with guaranteed secured storage.

TIE Kinetix sees that on average only exchange about 30% of all documents are fully processed automatically by its customers. Over 70% of all documents are still processed manually on paper or manually in the system. This shows that its customers are missing out on great opportunities to save costs. The TIE Kinetix SmartBridge 3.0 is designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with document management (processing, storage and sharing).

TIE Kinetix SmartBridge 3.0 is available as a free license upgrade for our existing SmartBridge 2.0 customers. The new TIE Kinetix SmartBridge 3.0 will grant access to the TIE Kinetix Connected Business Network to obtain 100% digitization and automation.

The Connected Business Network focuses on five key areas:

  • Sales Order Automation:
    Automatically import sales orders directly into your business system that are normally printed, faxed or mailed and manually processed.
  • Invoice Automation: Send invoices directly out of your business system to help streamline the entire billing process with all of the necessary workflows, legal requirements, storage and e-signatures.
  • EDI & Global Standard Support: Exchange many different types of electronic documents across your business network of trading partners with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). TIE Kinetix SmartBridge 3.0 supports all secure types of communication and is 100% compliant with global EDI standards ranging from industry to industry.
  • Audit & Risk Compliance: Minimize risk by automatically archiving inbound and outbound electronic documents. When needed, easily retrieve and recover documents for any auditing purposes.
  • Proof of Delivery Automation: In a world where daily interactions are almost entirely mobile, there are still significant amounts of businesses that are using paper to capture information in the field. Link to TIE Kinetix SmartBridge 3.0 with mobile technology and leverage digital forms to automate information gathering in the field.

Jan Sundelin, Chief Executive Officer of TIE Kinetix:
“Making the switch to digital document exchange from paper was once a significant undertaking that often required specific technical expertise and specialized equipment. The Connected Business Network provides an easy and completely new way to access cloud based integration services that significantly reduce the time and ongoing expenses related to the exchange of documents between companies.”

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