TIE enters DACH territory with ascention takeover

DACH territory? What or where is that? DACH is an abbreviation used to represent the dominant states of the German language Sprachraum (Deutschland, Austria and Confoederatio Helvetica or better known as Switzerland). And what does that have to with TIE Kinetix? Well, the supplier of software solutions in a web environment has acquired ascention. ascention is a Business Intelligence consultancy company with offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Reactions from the field

Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE:

  • “The acquisition of ascention enables us to expand our geographical coverage to the DACH region, which is in line with our growth strategy.”
  • ”In addition, we see an increasing need from our customers for business intelligence solutions that will help them to analyze, predict and leverage their Business volumes.”

Peter Smoly, ascention’s managing director:

  • “We are very pleased to join TIE and add our knowledge and expertise to extend the Total Integrated E-commerce offering of TIE, with our Business Intelligence solution especially the predictive analytics.”
  • ”TIE’s content syndication, e-commerce and business integration solutions will offer new values to our current customers and will help to enlarge our business and services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.”

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