Thomson Reuters steps up international expansion plans for Serengeti Tracker

Thomson Reuters steps up international expansion plans for Serengeti Tracker

October 22, 2014  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing

Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading provider of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, has stepped up its plans for the international expansion of Serengeti Tracker with the introduction of servers at its state-of-the-art data centre facility in the UK. The investment in the UK facility provides a comprehensive hosting service for Serengeti’s customers and underscores the company’s commitment to the corporate legal sector.

Serengeti Tracker, a web-hosted software solution, is the highest-rated and most widely used system for legal matter management, e-billing, and analytics, instilling worldwide best practices across corporate legal departments, increasing control, reducing spend and improving collaboration – internally and with external legal counsel.

The arrival of web-hosted solutions has brought a number of benefits to corporate legal departments, including greater collaboration with law firms, reduced IT costs and the prospect of a secure, highly-available service. With the introduction of servers in the UK, Serengeti Tracker delivers all of these benefits whilst meeting the data location requirements of international legal departments.

Serengeti Tracker takes advantage of the Thomson Reuters primary data centre in London. The facility is ISO 27001-certified for its physical and environmental controls, and includes critical environmental control features such as backup generators, state-of-the-art fire suppression and water-detection systems.

Within Serengeti Tracker, customers’ data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and annual third-party vulnerability threat assessments are performed. Finally, annual SOC 2 and SOC 3 audits will be performed for Serengeti Tracker in both the US and UK.

Jan-Coos Geesink, managing director, Thomson Reuters Legal business in the UK & Ireland:

“This is a significant investment in our technology infrastructure that will further accelerate the international expansion of Serengeti Tracker. We’re already setting up our global customers for Serengeti Tracker within our UK data centre where they can feel confident that their security and data hosting needs are being met through our leading-edge technology.”

Rob Thomas, vice president, Corporate Market Development Group, Thomson Reuters:

“Serengeti Tracker already has a solid foothold in this market and the rapid growth has been driven by the pressures on legal departments to operate more efficiently, more actively manage their law firms and to show hard data on the value that legal teams bring to their companies. The reassurance of UK-based servers will further enhance its appeal to in-house counsel in the UK and Europe, who will benefit from the ability to securely connect directly with their law firms to more efficiently process bills, budgets, documents, status updates and gain clear visibility into their entire legal landscape.”

Serengeti Tracker was recently rated for its “Ability to Execute” among eight software vendors in a report from Gartner; “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Legal Management.” Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) is a category of software that helps corporate legal departments streamline legal processes, analyse legal risk and reduce their overall legal spend.

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