The state of E-invoicing and E-transformation in Turkey, an update

Corporate value engineers FIT Solutions continues to be one of the leading solution partners in e-Transformation process for the companies in Turkey. Serving up to 70 percent of companies in Turkey, FIT Solutions products are also preferred by many SME scale companies. Among e-Transformation applications of FIT Solutions, there are applications such as e-Invoice and e-Ledger, as well as ‘e-Signature’ and ‘e-Archive’.

In Turkey where it is estimated that number of companies using e-Transformation applications will exceed 1 million in 2020, today up to 30 percent of e-Transformation market carries out processes by means of FIT Solution products. With its powerful R&D studies, reliable infrastructure and experienced staff, FIT Solutions offers electronic solutions that increase labour efficiency, decrease transportation costs and facilitate time management. Besides, by eliminating the use of paper, it contributes to both environmental protection and economy.

e-Invoice market will grow, FIT Solutions will continue its leadership

In addition to its e-Invoice arrangement functionality, the FIT SAP e-Invoice solution refers to e-Invoice product package that facilitates e-Invoice receiving and management, working seamlessly with SAP towards incoming and outgoing e-Invoice processes. Only in 2013, more than 10 thousand e-invoices were sent using FIT SAP e-Invoice infrastructure. The company maintained its leadership even in 2014 in the field of e-Invoice. This year, 25 thousand new companies will be included in e-Invoice scope in Turkey. Thanks to the conveniences provided to companies, FIT Solutions will continue to grow in direct proportion to the market.

Costs decreased 300 per cent

The use of e-Invoice decreases costs of printing, shipping and notarization; it provide ease of reporting and supervision with only one format. Thanks to e-Invoicing, paper bill costs that used to be TRY 6 per unit decrease to 2 kurus (TRY 0.02). On the other hand, thanks to these conveniences provided, employees can shift their time spent on bill printing, enveloping and handing to the carrier in a way to employ their own skills more efficiently and they can contribute to general performance increase in the company.

Provides convenience for SMEs with special integrator system

FIT Solutions continues to be one of the leaders in this field, by giving support to 4 separate special integrators for infrastructure and operations in its e-Invoice based integration system. Starting with ING Bank and serving its customers with secure infrastructure of banking, FIT Solutions also maintains its partnership with Turkcell, the biggest GSM operator of Turkey, and the company aims at reaching a larger audience in SME market with this partnership. As the reliance institution of Turkey, Turkey Notary Association has also chosen FIT Solutions for their special integrator infrastructure. In this way, when processes conduct via notary public channel begin to be carried out electronically, again opportunity to implement this project through Turkish Notary Association has been created. Another collaboration was made with Cordis Network and payment systems were integrated as well as electronic paper systems. Through FIT Solutions Special integrator system, 10 millions of invoices have passed up to this day.

Also offers e-Invoicing functions

Together with e-Billing solution, FIT SAP e-Invoice also offers e-Invoice receiving and e-invoicing. Towards secure receiving of digital invoices, SAP comes into prominence with its integrated tools assembly that ensures direct processing of invoices with SAP and included workflow functionality. Automatically controls are performed about whether received invoices are complete or not, and the invoices are matched with the relevant purchasing or sale orders.

e-Ledger software having maximum users in Turkey

Soon after e-Invoice, Turkey has met the e-Ledger system. There are still 20 thousand taxpayer companies that will make mandatory transition to e-Ledger. It is in the agenda to extend this scope and increase the number of taxpayer companies. Along with the savings by these firms, it is expected that national economy save up to TRY 500 million a year. Manufacturing the e-Ledger software having maximum legal users in Turkey, FIT Solutions contributes to this saving with its reliable applications.

One of the 30 RA approved companies

In order to prevent problems such as data losses among companies that make a request to join e-Ledger application, Revenue Administration (RA) suggests working with companies having compliance certificate. FIT Solutions comes forefront as one of 30 companies bearing this compliance certificate in Turkey.

SMEs save TRY 8 thousand per month

e-Ledger application allows for easily conducting processes with lower costs rather than inconvenient and costly processes such as printing and storing of books. Endorsement cost of around TRY 5,000 for a company keeping an average of 10,000 page-book decreases of about 60 percent when e-Ledger application is implemented; stationery costs are canceled out. Revenue Administration predicts that SMEs will save an amount of about TRY 8 thousand in a month when they start to use e-Ledger.



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