The State of E-invoicing – 2016 Trend Report [Sponsoring opportunity]

After two years of preparation, this fall the E-invoicing Platform plans to publish its extensive research report called: ‘The State of E-invoicing – 2016 Trend Report’. More details and sponsoring opportunities can be found in this document as well as online.


E-invoicing is on the rise. The next 5 to 10 years, millions of companies and organisations will be looking for applications, providers, products and services. They start (and validate) their decision making processes by researching information. And in today’s world, the most effective and efficient way of information gathering is by using online and social media resources.

Starting from 2004 numerous daily search queries on e-invoicing, by representatives of these millions of companies and organisations all over the world, have created a massive ‘e-invoicing data set’. And, at its core, such a big data set reflects the decisions and interests by end-users. Recent publications in leading scientific magazines point out that:

  • the number of search queries stemming from a given country or geographical region correlates with the amount of interest/investment in that country or region.
  • search queries do not only reflect the current interest but may also shows an anticipation in future trends.
  • changes in online query volumes for selected search terms mirror changes in the real economy (such as the interest in for instance e-invoicing).

Leveraging the largest e-invoicing user panel of the world

A huge online data set (>200 million queries!) as the source for interests, changes, needs and trends in e-invoicing:

  • leverages the largest survey panel in the world (the Internet): it’s honest, trusted and not influenced/skewed;
  • allows you to get answers to questions never asked from people never considered;
  • allows you to get information on historic behaviour — you can’t reliably ask panels how they felt six years ago!
  • provides you with information based on actual and real time statistical facts (no hunches or –educated- guesses.)

This report answers questions like: ‘What are the best en worst performing queries on e-invoicing?’, ‘Which topics are rising faster than others compared to a year, two years or five years ago’, ‘What are the trending topics in Europe, North America, Latin America and in Asia?’, ‘Which providers can be ranked among the stars in their domain?’, ‘Did trends mentioned by experts really take off?’, and so on.


How have the interests in ‘Supply chain finance’(blue), ‘Purchase to pay’ (red) and ‘Order to cash’ (yellow) globally developed between 2004 and 2015?

Which EU countries have developed the most interest in PEPPOL the last few years?

The interest in CFDI in Mexico before and after it got mandatory in Mexico at 1 January 2014:

The report

  • Market focus:B2B, B2G and G2B end-users that want to condense -and validate- their online research and decision making processes / Service providers interested in real time comparative information for strategic and marketing decisions / Policy makers.
  • Language: English
  • Publication date: October 2016, at its latest.
  • Formats:
    PDF (full colour report),
    XLS (Raw query data) and
    PNG (bar- and line graphs, country/region )
  • Size: >80 pages + sponsor pages (PDF report), 21 tables (XLS) and >50 charts (PNG)

We invite you to become part of this exciting report with unprecedented insights and audience. More details and the sponsoring opportunities about ‘The State of E-invoicing – 2016 Trend Report’ can be found in this document, as well as online here.

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Friso de Jong
E-invoicing Platform
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