The move towards Big Data in B2C e-invoicing

When the increased adoption drives the prices of e-invoicing down, invoicing itself will not be a significant expense to a business anymore. Therefore, more and more companies will purchase the whole invoicing process as a service, so that managing the receivables is outsourced to a partner.

Companies operating in the consumer sector already analyse their clientele a lot and market their products on the basis of consumer segmentation. In the future, the analysis will increasingly make use of the billing and customer information: big data.

On the basis of people’s payment behaviour and other customer segmentations, one can, for example, optimize the date of invoicing so that the company would get their money as soon as possible, for instance.

With these developments in mind, one’s focus will move from sending invoices to what information the process holds, and how can one make use of it in sales, marketing and optimizing cash flow. In acute situations, companies are more and more seeking funding by giving payment discounts to those customers who pre-pay their orders

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