The KPMG & Taulia Alliance: best of both worlds

May 29, 2017  |  Cooperation, Supply Chain Finance

Late december 2015, Taulia announced a very exciting, strategic alliance with KPMG. Together, they’ll help leading organizations transform their global financial supply chains.

Supply Chain Vulnerability

It’s a frequently overlooked supply chain vulnerability when buyers set long payment terms with their suppliers, because often, the suppliers most critically affected are those that have the biggest capital needs. What’s more, according to our recent survey, nearly 47% of suppliers are paid after their invoice due dates.

Suppliers are feeling the squeeze from their buyers, and to help maintain their cash flows, are forced into unfavorable borrowing relationships that hurt their business, and ultimately their supply chain. Although supply chain financing programs, where buyers offer early payments on invoices in exchange for a discount, are gaining more traction, a recent KPMG study found that less than 30% of buyers offer a supply chain finance program.

For those that do have supply chain finance programs in place, there is still room to grow the sophistication and scale of the program. As Treasury Peer explains, these programs have traditionally been “targeted at larger suppliers that may not have been in any particular need of the liquidity on offer.”

So what about the mid and long tail? The suppliers that need liquidity most?

Today’s supply chain finance programs can be improved

From technology, to business case strategy, to implementation, consultation and ongoing support, KPMG and Taulia are redefining success in the financial supply chain.

With Taulia’s world-class technology and suite of products and KPMG’s expertise, influence, and ability to align key stakeholders across the organization, companies will have unparalleled focus and success.


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