The Invoiceware International LATAM Compliance update: Mexico, Brazil and Colombia

August 31, 2016  |  Compliance, Latin America

Invoiceware International has tons of experience and knowledge in e-invoicing, AP automation and accounting compliance in Latin American countries. Underneath is an update of their most recent thoughts that they shared with te world.


Mexico’s SAT Discusses Potential Changes to Compliance Requirements
Earlier this month, the SAT, Mexico’s tax authority, announced changes in its e-invoicing, payroll receipts (nomina) and payment receipt (comprobantes de pago) processes. In a recent web session by the SAT, here are the adjustments being discussed……Read more

Real-Time Audits in Mexico: Key Finance and IT Considerations
With the success of Mexico’s CFDI e-invoicing mandate, the country is once again setting a new standard for global tax compliance as it prepares to implement real-time electronic audits later this year. The risks of these electronic audits impact multiple business functions, from shipping and logistics to HR, but none more so than finance and IT. Check out our latest downloads series for tips on Mexico…..Read more


7 Considerations When Evaluating E-Invoicing Compliance Solutions in Colombia
E-invoicing is now a reality in Colombia, with 58 companies volunteering to begin e-invoicing earlier this year in the pilot program. Eventually ~50,000 companies will be required to shift to e-invoicing in the next few years. Below are the top 7 questions companies should ask as they evaluate potential compliance solutions in Colombia….Read more


Inbound Logistics in Brazil: How One Company Reduced Costs 70%
Compliance with Brazil’s e-invoicing mandate isn’t as simple as receiving an NFe (e-invoice) and sending payment; layers of complexity affect enterprises at all levels, especially when it comes to logistics. Listen to this webinar replay on Accounts Payable and Inbound Logistics in Brazil. During the webinar, Steve Sprague, our VP of Strategy, will discuss real-world examples. Register to listen to replay……Read more

Service Invoices: City-level requirements are a key challenge in Brazil
Invoiceware International frequently talk about the challenges inherent in Brazil’s e-invoicing mandate, often in terms of its effect on shipping, logistics and the risk of operational shut downs. But there are separate concerns facing service vendors and procurement……Read more

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