The cost of compliance: 2016 penalties and mandates in Latin America [Webinar replay]

As global enterprises continue to pursue market opportunities in Latin America, they are experiencing operational risks unseen in other markets due to the constantly changing dynamics of business-to-government regulations in this region. Failure to comply with these regulations can impact critical business functions, not only resulting in millions of dollars in corporate fines and penalties, but also shipping delays and operational shut-downs. In the most complex regulatory environments, such as Brazil, these mandates even affect sales, procurement and HR functions.

Though the end goal of these regulations – increased tax revenues – is the same, each country in Latin America varies significantly in terms of specific requirements and risks of compliance errors. With strict government regulations that can change almost overnight, companies are struggling to keep up with how these requirements differ by country.

Invoiceware International has outlined the fines and penalties to help businesses understand the need for a proactive approach to compliance in Latin America.

These fines and penalties can quickly add up. For example, a company that’s missing 10,000 invoices from its electronic archives in Brazil (which is not uncommon) could be facing fines of more than $1 million USD. Download the summary of corporate fines and penalties for each mandated country within Latin America.

Listen to the webinar replay on 2016 Tax Penalties and Latest Mandates in Latin America. During the webinar, you will learn about the latest mandates plus corporate fines and penalties per mandated country.


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