The best of E-invoicing and AP automation in October this year

Just like every year, October is one of the busiest months when it comes to e-invoicing, e-procurment, invoice automation and payments news from our partners. Leading to 44 news items. That is more than 10 posts per week. And halfway October we even had to send out two newsletters a week, to keep things manageable. So take a look at what October has brought us. And look at the January, February, March, April/May, June/July and August/September overviews.


  1. OpenPEPPOL’s opinion on the concept EU Directive on E-invoicing in public procurement
  2. 9 Belgian stakeholders promise to promote electronic invoicing adoption
  3. Finally, the first ebilling consumer protection regulation is a fact!
  4. UK Telecom Operator Ofcom: business may charge paper bill penalties if they like
  5. Is Canada next to impose ebilling consumer protection legislation?
  6. European Council: make haste with e-invoicing and e-payment. Not with data protection. [UPDATE]
  7. Obamacare requires Reduced Healthcare Costs through Purchase-to-Pay Automation
  8. Electronic invoicing in Spain as from 2015
  9. Ecuador’s National Telecommunications Corporation (CNT) introduces electronic billing
  10. EESPA partners with the E-invoicing Platform
  11. Einvoicing in Russia has grown 150 percent in just 6 months
  12. 25 Electronic Invoicing Providers sign Charter to ensure Free Interoperability, Roaming [updated]
  13. Charging For Paper Bills is the New Cash Cow. And not just in Canada
  14. Italy loses EUR 1.1bln a year
  15. Mexican invoicing: Mistakes to avoid when hiring a Authorized Certification Provider (PAC)
  16. Poland plans to use PEPPOL for B2G electronic invoicing


Product information

  1. Palette introduces new features to improve financial visibility and spend management
  2. Accelya signs the GS1 Interoperability Charter for E-invoicing solutions
  3. PEPPOL in Norway: trendsetter for e-procurement in EU
  4. OpenText EIM Solutions Selected by Deloitte in Belgium
  5. EDICOM Expert Analysis: Electronic Invoicing in Brazil. NF-e, CT-e, NFS-e
  6. Top Image Systems Wins Document and Invoice Processing Contract With eFLOW
  7. The Real Cost of Implementing Mexico CFDI e-invoicing in SAP ERP
  8. PowertoPay early adopter of embedded SWIFT connectivity for financial transactions
  9. Doccle: one central hub for all your mandates, invoices and payments
  10. Visa and @UK launch Cloudbuy for e-billing and e-procurement in Asia [trend]
  11. Major Israeli Bank to implement MobiCHECK Mobile Deposit Capture Solution
  12. TUV Security Certification for AuthentiDate’s Einvoicing Cloud Services
  13. Volvo Cars extends e-Invoicing solution with interactive credit module
  14. EDICOM provides clients with thorough SLA’s on the quality of services provided
  15. GXS Powers 14 of Gartner’s  Top 15 European Supply Chain Organisations
  16. KAUST becomes the first OB10 buyer customer adopting einvoicing in Saudi Arabia
  17. Invoiceware and Vertex partner for Brazilian VAT compliant corporate e-invoicing
  18. Medius acquires Ascendo, adding 500 customers to its portfolio
  19. Brazilian e-billing provider Migrate plans to expand to Peru and Ecuador
  20. International e-invoicing for Coca-Cola through OB10
  21. Not yet SEPA ready? Time for a plan B!

Webinars / video

  1. Financial supply chain galore! Tradeshift now offers dynamic discounting [+video]
  2. Clear out the Clutter: Modernise Your International Payment Communications [webinar]
  3. Featured provider: SEEBURGER
  4. Boost your SAP: Integrated Freeware for Compliant E-invoicing [Webcast 18.10]
  5. Better buying, better selling and now: better paying [CEO Blog + video’s]



  1. How to achieve International Compliance for your e-Invoicing? [Free White Paper]
  2. Electronic Invoicing in the Automotive Industry [Whitepaper]


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