Tayto Group: a single global EDI platform integrated with MS Dynamics NAV!

B2BE 225x225 Tayto Group: a single global EDI platform integrated with MS Dynamics NAV!Tayto has selected B2BE for not one but for two projects: the B2BE Transaction Delivery Network  and the B2BE Web Portal. B2BE was again so kind to provide us with a case study. Underneath is our summary and you can download the entire case study here.

A short time ago we already discussed another success of B2BE. In our post “Visy selects B2BE for purchase to pay automation [CASE STUDY]” we showed that B2BE is also able to bring AP automation projects to a successful end. So things are looking bright for B2BE

About Tayto

Tayto Group is one of the UK’s and Ireland’s largest snack food producers offering a wide range of potato crisps and snack foods under the brands; Tayto, Jonathan Crisp, Real, Mr Porky and Golden Wonder. The County Armagh based company employs over 1400 people across five sites and since acquisition of the brands the business has seen a 10 fold expansion over the past 5 years from a £15m to a £150m turnover business.

Tayto has a clear business approach to continue expansion in the United Kingdom and abroad, consolidating Tayto’s reputation as a brand builder and quality manufacturer.

The Challenge

Through acquisition of many businesses over a short space of time, Tayto has inherited a number of disparate systems, both from an ERP and EDI perspective.

The most challenging aspect of the project was that it needed to be completed within a six to eight week time frame. Other challenges included:

  • Moving all the trading divisions to a single commercial entity, The Tayto Group Limited.
  • Changing all the trading arrangements with customers from individual terms across multiple divisions into a single
  • trading entity with single terms where possible.
  • The removal of disparate ERP systems to a single system, Navision.
  • The upgrade of Navision from version 3.6 to version 5.0
  • The removal of multiple EDI suppliers to a single supplier.
  • Migration of 26 trading partners with multiple trading entities within each and five document types to a single provider, into a single system through a single mailbox under the same commercial terms.

The B2BE Solution

B2BE provided two product based solutions as well as providing managed roll-out services .

The product solutions included two parts:
1.  B2BE Transaction Delivery Network (B2BE TDN)
2.  B2BE Web Portal

1. The B2BE Transaction Delivery Network (B2BE TDN)

With the B2BE Transaction Delivery Network (B2BE TDN), all documents and con­nections are handled by B2BE so any documents an organization receives or sends are in a single agreed format which can follow any number of standards.  B2BE handles the mapping and distribution within the server environment which reduces the layers of complexity for the customer.

2. B2BE Web Portal

The B2BE Web Portal is an online hosted solution that enables users to view and access documents sent electronically between one another and is tailored for each client based on their specific needs and require­ments. The Web Portal has been tailored with the Tayto Group look and feel so all documents sent electronically are available online for a period of three months.

The Result

A complete success!

  • All the challenges were met and in many instances exceeded so on the day
  • The Tayto Group is now a single entity, on a single Navision platform and have a single entry and exit point to enable electronic trading with the their customers via B2BE.
  • The addition of new trading partners and new document types is now a straight forward process
  • Tayto can concentrate on their environment and systems which provides a very solid foundation for their continued expansion and growth in the UK, Ireland and globally.

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