Taulia launches its “Take Control” campaign on Early Payments and AP Automation

Taulia has launched its “Take Control” campaign to help companies better understand their early payment solution, and maximize the benefits of automating their payables process. It launched the Take Control website, which provides facts, statistics, and insights for companies aiming to maximize the value from their e-Invoicing and early payment platforms. And it launched the video showed above.

Take Control Campaign

Factors that can hinder a platform’s success include e-Invoicing fees, when solution providers charge suppliers to do business with them; low portal adoption, in which there isn’t a comprehensive supplier onboarding program in place; and under utilization of early payment opportunities. Taulia’s Take Control website provides tips and examples from successful companies that have optimized their automation and early payment discount capture — adding real revenue to their bottom line.

Taulia CMO Joe Hyland:
“There are so many reasons why an e-Invoicing solution can fail, and these reasons are not always clear to corporations. We hope to provide greater visibility into these factors, and in turn help companies take control of their payables process and implement solutions that are successful.”

“We’re always looking to help companies become more efficient,” says Hyland. “We hope this ‘Take Control’ website can serve as a valuable resource for those looking to improve their business.”

E-invoicing Rescue Service

Last June, Taulia launched its e-Invoicing Rescue Service, designed to help companies who are not achieving full value from e-Invoicing platforms. The program provides free consultation for businesses whose e-Invoicing and e-Payment platforms are not delivering expected returns, and guarantees a solution that will meet or exceed business’ original e-Invoicing goals.

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