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October 2017

  1. CloudTrade and Taulia partner to provide best of breed invoicing solutions to global businesses

    CloudTrade now forms an integral part of Taulia’s global offering, interfacing directly into Taulia via its open APIs, enabling many of the world’s leading businesses to transition to paperless invoicing.

May 2017

  1. The KPMG & Taulia Alliance: best of both worlds

    With Taulia’s world-class technology and suite of products and KPMG’s expertise, influence, and ability to align key stakeholders across the organization, companies will have unparalleled focus and success.

  2. Have you modernised your payables already?

    If you are hesitant to adopt new technology and are waiting weeks to get invoices approved or taking months to pay your suppliers, you are missing out on millions you could be adding to your bottom line. Let’s get Modern!

  3. How did Milliken create its flexible Supply Chain Finance Solution?

    Milliken made the decision to automate their processes and offered their suppliers a best-in-class supplier financing and dynamic discounting program.

  4. A winning e-invoicing program – Premier Foods [webinar replay]

    Learn how Premier Foods streamlined their financial supply chain with their ‘Payment on Time’ climbing to over 90% and cost per invoice dropping in record time, achieving 100% of their mission critical KPIs with Taulia.

April 2017

  1. How Toyota became best-in-class in the financial supply chain

    92% of targeted suppliers enrolled in the portal, 90% eInvoicing adoption, and nearly $2 million in discounts were captured within the first year.

  2. Whitepaper: Managing the Financial Supply Chain: Why CPOs should care

    Download the new whitepaper and learn (1) how it affects suppliers and what you can do to directly support your entire supplier network and (2) strategies and tools you can leverage to make a direct impact on company revenue

March 2017

  1. Vodafone: Unlocking Early Payment For All Suppliers – Case Study

    Vodafone has aligned their commercial objectives with the health of their suppliers to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships, free up cash, and eliminate inefficiencies.

January 2017

  1. The Evolution of eInvoicing: how digital invoices are promoting a sustainable economy

    “eInvoices have advanced from domestic tax documents to global trade and supply chain financing instruments, and might even become tokenized assets in the blockchain…”

  2. Webinar replay: keys to working capital success featuring the Bavelos Group

    Launching a high ROI project like supplier financing can seem like a daunting task-where do you start, and how do you prevent failure?