Taiwanese Ministry of Finance e-invoice team receives Quality Award

Taiwanese Ministry of Finance e-invoice team receives Quality AwardThe Taiwanese Ministry of Finance has won a special Government Service Quality Awards for its e-invoice team.  The Government Service Quality Awards are the highest honor for Taiwanese government agencies providing excellent service quality. The “Special Award” is given to agencies that have made outstanding contributions to improve service process, and achieve tangible benefits.

Receiving this award can is considered a major Taiwanese honor and an encouragement for the members of the e-invoice team. In the future, e-invoice team will continue to make further progress, welcome support and feedback from the public.

About the Taiwanese e-invoice implementation team

The Taiwanese e-invoice team has been organized spanning 13 ministries and 23 agencies. The e-invoice team has a mission of diagnosing problems, drafting strategies, vigorously undertaking implementation, and realizing performance management, with the ultimate goals of “reengineering government procurement and reporting processes,” “improving public smart consumption processes,” and “improving corporate e-management processes.”

According to Su, Chun-Jung, General Director of the MOF’s Fiscal Information Agency?FIA?, the e-invoice team will continue to review and improve its e-invoice implementation methods. And in order to increase the usage of e-invoices and boost policy synergy.

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