SWIFT is now open for e-Invoice Traffic

Steve Carter from Bottomline dropped a discussion in our LinkedIN group. He claims that the SWIFT Network is secure, highly available and global and that it offers a full audit trail of transactions and connectivity into Banks.

Traditionally SWIFT has been for payment messages only, now its open for e-Invoicing traffic. In his opinion SWIFT addresses all the interoperability and connectivity issues between providers and banks.

Now, with the e-Invoicing solution of for instance Bottomline Steve claims you can now connect e-Invoice providers (or corporates) into the SWIFT network. No SWIFT membership is required; it’s free to receive and costs less than postage to send.

What is in it for a provider?

As a provider you get:

  • SWIFT address with global reach
  • Full audit-trail of transactions from sender to receiver
  • Use of a totally secure network
  • Unlimited (free) inbound Invoices into your network
  • Data transformation from ISO20022 to your network standard (still supports PDF)
  • Simple interoperability for your e-Invoicing network customers

To learn more information drop Steve a note at [email protected]. Or head over to our discussion in our LinkedIN group.

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  1. Bottomline can provide e-Invoicing solutions that offer Supplier and Buyer side processes. These can grow and evolve with you as core business requirements around e-Invoicing change. Importantly, they are also aligned with our payments, direct debiting and supply chain financing products to gain to true benefits of e-Invoicing.

    Our award winning e-Invoicing solution enables you to send e-Invoices directly from your ERP, whilst giving Credit Control full visibility of customer invoice status. This ultimately leads to collection SEPA Direct Debit also available from Bottomline. On the buyer side our AP automation suite will enable you to process and approval invoices prior to upload into your ERP or Finance Application.

    As a European provider of invoicing solutions for over 20 years, Bottomline solutions support traditional invoicing such as Paper or Signed PDF but also data driven models via SWIFT into online Banking platforms or other service providers. This includes FREE supplier or buyer on-boarding onto SWIFT to ensure you have 100% invoice integrity and non-repudiation of transactions. Using SWIFT e-Invoicing enables you to adopt ISO20022 not just for Invoices but for SEPA Direct Debit or Payment as well.