Survey: 20000 corporate treasurers want a global bank e-billing format

In this post Euromoney mentions that US has led the way in developing e-billing formats that enhances a treasury’s visibility of a key operational cost. However outside the US and particularly in Europe and Asia, this kind of electronic bank billing information seems to be underdeveloped.

One of the main reasons is claimed to be that there is no global electronic standard for the exchange of such billing information agreed and applied unilaterally by banks and their clients all over the world.

According to Euromoney’s 2014 cash management survey, over 60% of a record 28,000 treasury professionals from non-financial corporates and financial institutions want to see the universal use of a common electronic bank billing standard, with Asia Pacific based treasurers the highest by region among them at 68%. By comparison, 50% of Europe based treasury professionals want it.

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