SupplierDNA joins the E-invoicing Platform

Not only do we have a new website. We are also delighted welcome SupplierDNA and Itella as the latest members of the former EEI Platform, now called E-invoicing Platform. Thanks to these members, we are able to carry-out our mission: promote the best practices of adoption in electronic invoicing and invoice automation. First let’s take a look at SupplierDNA.

About SupplierDNA


image18 SupplierDNA joins the E invoicing Platform


With S-DNA, your supplier, purchasing and legal departments will all have access to recent information at the same time, thus allowing the financial processes in your organisation to operate as efficiently as possible.

  • On average, 40% to 60% of the suppliers details is incorrect, not known or outdated.
  • Incomplete and incorrect supplier details have a direct impact on strategy decisions and processes within organisations, and leads to increased work pressure, increased costs, and delays in achieving targets.
  • S-DNA is a flexible and user-friendly solution that allows you, quickly and simply, to work always with recent supplier details.
  • Suppliers, national and international, can check their own contact and payment details in their own language online, and can pass on changes.
  • S-DNA imports these changes into your administration and purchasing systems automatically, at the push of a button.

You reduce the number of incorrect payments, duplicate and reminder invoices, and a large number of unnecessary contacts with suppliers and between departments (purchasing, finance and legal).

Contact details

Marcel Groenewegen
+31 20 716 3111
Gerrit van der Veenstraat 106
1077 EM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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