Successful first e-invoicing year for Tanita with Anachron’s InvoicePortal

Anachron’s SaaS InvoicePortal is actually only just a youngster. Anachron launched the InvoicePortal in 2011 to provide companies with an easy-to-use international e-Invoicing platform. InvoicePortal may be just a youngster, this SaaS solution is truly living up to its expectations. Tanita, manufacturer of healthcare products, has completely reached its goals for paperless and more efficient document processes only one year after using the InvoicePortal to distribute electronic invoices worldwide.

InvoicePortal’s positive points

With the SaaS InvoicePortal, Tanita’s operating costs have decreased with over 60% and customer satisfaction has improved significantly. The easy-to-use approach provided by the InvoicePortal and its functionalities have contributed greatly to the success story. The direct connection to SAP, 24/7 availability of all invoices, and the management reporting means both Tanita and its customers experience less manual workload. The e-Invoicing solution has also ensured faster customer payments.

For both a key point of evaluation

Peter Drake, Project Manager at Tanita Europe:

  • “We immediately had an uptake of over 98% amongst our customers, and the last year we received zero complaints on the invoices and solution used, proving that it is possible to use one single e-Invoicing solution for all of our international customers. This all combined with the significant reduction on our operating costs we have reached all of our goals using the InvoicePortal.”

Frank Hoekstra, CEO of Anachron:

  • “This is an important outcome for Tanita and Anachron, because it shows the improvements the InvoicePortal solution can have on the current Invoice process of a company. This success story is a great example of the proven efficiency and impact of our e-Invoicing solutions.”

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