Show the world your “UBL Readiness’ with this FREE label: 93 providers already do

UBL is increasingly being considered as the successor of the PDF e-invoice as it yields sizeable benefits for both supplier and customers. And its use is expected to grow considerably the next few years as UBL e-invoicing is getting mandated in Europe. Other continents, like Australia and the North America’s are also considering UBL as the preferred successor of PDF and online e-invoicing.

To promote the adoption of UBL and the benefits of UBL e-invoicing, a free label has been developed that (1) allows organisations to communicate their ‘UBL Readiness’ to their respective customers and supplier, called: ‘UBL Ready’, and (2) provides support for organisations that want to implement UBL e-invoicing.

To become UBL Ready an organisation has to proof that it can either import the validated demo files of other UBL Ready participants, or produce a UBL+PDF e-invoice file that –after validation- can be imported by other UBL Ready participants. All in all, applicants only have to perform five or less steps to become UBL Ready!  This way UBL Ready promotes easy, free, flawless, seamless exchange and processing of e-invoices!

93 UBL Ready participants in just six months!

UBL Ready aims at all providers of ERP and accounting software, suppliers of OCR solutions and (online) e-invoicing service providers, providers of provide proprietary e-invoicing solutions. In addition, (large) billers, accountants and public bodies are eligible to become ‘UBL Ready ‘. More information can be found on .

That UBL Ready provides in a clear need is shown by the fact that within six months already 93 organisations have applied for and received the UBL Ready label, including, but not limited to:

  • Accounting/financial software: Visma Software, Twinfield, Unit4, Reeleezee, AFAS Software, Asperion, Centric, Informer.
  • E-invoicing service providers: Kofax (by BM Consultants), Basware (by ICreative), TIE Kinetix, , Canon, InvoiceSharing, StoreCove, Go2UBL, Dynatos, Palette (by Simac Document Solutions).
  • AP automation and Purchase 2 pay providers: Scan Sys, Proquro, NewViews, 20/20 vision Software, Basecone

The full list of UBL Ready participants* is available at:

More information

More information on UBL Ready can be found on the website of UBL Ready: , including:

For more information, please contact:

E-Invoicing Platform

Friso de Jong

W /
E [email protected] / [email protected]
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