SAP expert Verbella CMG partners with Tradeshift

Tradeshift has announced a partnership with Verbella CMG, an SAP content management consultancy with nearly a decade’s experience. Verbella CMG helps enterprises like Bloomberg, Energizer and Texas Instruments deal with the overwhelming amount of content they produce every day – including documents like invoices.

Bridging gaps

Working together will mean Verbella can offer these companies a cloud-based platform that bridges the gap between those huge reservoirs of content and the businesses they interact with. For an accounts payable department, it hooks directly into Verbella’s AP Ledger tool and provides real time updates on document progress during the inevitable back and forth with the buyer or supplier.

Tradeshift’s ecosystem

This is another example of how Tradeshift works as a platform for all your business interactions – using open standards to connect and consolidate your workflow around the area that makes most sense: the links to other companies you work with. From SAP to Paypal and beyond, any third party developer can use Tradeshift’s ecosystem to build and sell Apps to the 150,000 businesses currently signed up.

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