SaaS-based vendor invoice automation solutions gain traction in Europe

September 15, 2010  |  Invoice Automation, Publications

New technologies for servers and data centres have pinpointed efficiency and energy use as two main targets for improving operations, but changes in how computing is done – such as Software as a Service (SaaS) deployed through the cloud – can also have other benefits as well.

According to a new white paper from Esker, a company focusing on reducing paper use in businesses, SaaS can help companies eliminate a large chunk of their paper use, specifically for invoices, thus saving on resources.

A survey conducted by the firm found that 58 per cent of invoices still trade hands in paper format, while accounting departments spend 30 per cent of their time processing the paper requests. Deploying SaaS solutions for invoicing can save time in the workplace, while also lessening the impact on the environment by doing away with paper use.

According to the research, about four in every five businesses indicated they were keen to adopt a SaaS solution to improve their performance in this area.

“This European study, conducted in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, shows us that European companies are not necessarily aware of all the productivity losses due to manual vendor invoice processing,” said Franck Nassah, managing consultant for IDC France, which helped conduct the survey.

“However, these companies start to identify most of the benefits vendor invoice automation can bring to them. They are ready to invest in a SaaS solution which will enable them to keep implementation costs down and manage their investment,” he added.

Read the report HERE

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