S4FN offers full on-premise end-to-end SAP add-on solution for SII

The new Immediate Supply of Information will be mandatory in 1 July 2017. S4FN SII solution is ready to go live for all processes. With S4FN Add-On Solution you don’t need to use any external cloud service, you can manage all tasks on-premise.

The Add-on has been developed with ABAP OOP standards, totally runs inside your already managed environment SAP.Using standard authorization mechanism of SAP, you can manage authorization of transaction codes.

Add-On has been developed within its custom namespace /S4FN, doesn’t requires any update for SAP, or note implementation. It has its own tables space, doesn’t update or modify any standard SAP table. It is customisable by its own customization modules accessible from custom area menu /S4FN/SII.

Add-On uses standard http protocol via RFC entries to communicate with external systems. Can be integrated directly to AEAT, or can be uses with any integration services like PI or Biz-Talk.

Edit final SOAP message before sending AEAT, update existing data or create new data via utilizing CSV uploads.

Please check their site for more information.

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