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June 2017

  1. S4FN brings an SAP e-invoicing add-on to the Turkish community

    The e-invoicing add-on allows for the exchange of invoice records between a supplier and a purchaser in SAP, Microsoft, Wmware, Suse, and more

  2. S4FN offers full on-premise end-to-end SAP add-on solution for SII

    The new Immediate Supply of Information will be mandatory in 1 July 2017. With S4FN Add-On Solution you don’t need to use any external cloud service, you can manage all tasks on-premise.

April 2017

  1. Introducing S4FN – Solutions for Finance in SAP

    S4FN – Solutions for Finance in SAP. S4FN is all about e-transformation services to create SAP add-ons on ERP systems for financial solutions. Their main consideration is at SAP financial applications, adaptation of process and compatible integration.