Russian National certification Authority ZAO is connected to the PEPPOL

Russian National certification Authority ZAO is connected to the PEPPOLThe Russian “National certification Authority” ZAO, is now connected to the PEPPOL eProcurement network. By connecting to the Russian National Certification Authority, organizations will have the unique opportunity to drive the adoption of standardized  process automation and connectivity between Europe and Russia.

This is expected to increase business opportunities and greater competition in both Russia and in the PEPPOL-countries. Moreover, this cooperation will ensure usability and possible expansion of the PEPPOL specifications to other areas of use, promoting their adoption in the Business-to-Business and Business-to- Consumer context.

Since 2009, Russian “National certification authority” ZAO (hereafter NCA Russia) actively deals with issues of trusted electronic interaction across borders. NCA Russia specialists in cooperation with the authorities of the Russian Federation develop conceptual approaches and solutions to ensure legal value of the electronic interaction in different fields (commerce, medicine, education, public services etc) across borders.

The approaches proposed are regularly brought up in different international formats: APEC, UN/CEFACT, ITU etc.

The NCA-PEPPOL agreement

The agreements concludes a longer process and signifies successful collaboration between NCA and OpenPEPPOL leveraging PEPPOL to connect Russian and European infrastructures of electronic commerce. The first agreement was concluded between NCA Russia and OpenPEPPOL to connect the NCA Russia to the PEPPOL network infrastructure as a compliant PEPPOL Access Point provider; the second agreement was concluded between NCA Russia and IBM DK providing technical connection of NCA Russia to the OpenPEPPOL network infrastructure.

The picture presents NCA Russia as the PEPPOL Access Point provider linking Russia “trade-net” to the PEPPOL network.

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