Royal Caribbean Cruises selects DocuSphere (Tungsten) for AP automation

On its journey to greater control of its accounts payable processes, Royal Caribbean Cruises has selected Tungsten Corporation to streamline its invoice-to-pay process. This should lead to benefits like: reducing the time it takes to process invoices, cutting costs associated with invoice processing, and improving visibility on its spend with suppliers.

Tungsten and DocuSphere

The leading Miami-based global cruise brand has joined Tungsten through DocuSphere, a provider of accounts payable (AP) automation services that was acquired by Tungsten in 2014.

Following its acquisition of DocuSphere, Tungsten can now offer customers who use AP automation software from JD Edwards, Oracle and SAP a better tailored solution to their AP needs. Tungsten’s workflow product integrates seamlessly with the JD Edwards Accounts Payable software that Royal Caribbean currently uses.

Rick Hurwitz, Tungsten’s CEO, Americas:
Tungsten was the logical choice for Royal Caribbean, and we are delighted to work with them now that DocuSphere is fully integrated into Tungsten Corporation,” said. “Royal Caribbean receives invoices from suppliers based all over the world, so it was important for them to work with a provider that is tax compliant in multiple countries and legal jurisdictions, and offers support in multiple languages.”

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