RICOH helps Miami Marlins save cost through invoice processing

RICOH helps Miami Marlins save cost through invoice processing

December 17, 2013  |  Invoice Automation, North America

IT decision makers and business unit leaders have identified “information mobility” as a need for a productive workforce. In a recent online survey among select industries in the U.S. commissioned by Ricoh, a global technology company, 9 out of 10 respondents said information mobility is not just nice to have, but in fact “necessary” for their employees, and nearly half characterized it as “very necessary.

This also the case at the Miami Marlins that switched over to invoice processing with RICOH, as David Enriquez, Senior Director, Information Technology at The Miami Marlins explains:

  • “Our organization has changed a great deal over the years, however until recently, we were still using the same archaic paper-based accounts payable system. It didn’t allow us to access and share information effectively. Invoice processing was often delayed, particularly while approvers were traveling,”
  • “Ricoh has helped us by implementing a workflow application that can be used on mobile deveis and that enabled routing rules to be entered for multiple approvers and even allowed some invoices to be processed automatically, where appropriate. Ricoh has helped us work better and easily access and manage our information even when on the road, and as a result, we’ve achieved significant time savings and efficiencies.”

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