RFI/RFP: E-invoicing and VAT compliance in Europe

RFI/RFP: E-invoicing and VAT compliance in Europe

We have been contacted by a third party e-procurement/e-invoicing service provider with a global presence. Based in the US , they have several delivery centers across regions.

In their pursued of improving their services -in particular their technology offering in Europe- and improving their customer delivery, they are searching for a company who could help them in few areas. The areas are:

  1. E-invoicing compliance in Europe:
    This company has an invoice processing engine which can receive invoices from different sources and perform matching and reconciliation. Also, their platform enables suppliers to flip PO’s to invoices. As a part of the Europe implementation they want to be sure to that they satisfy the European Union e-invoicing requirements, specifically authenticity and integrity along the invoice entire life cycle.
  2. VAT fields and codes
    Additionally, this company has multiple entry points in their invoice processing platform, and it wants to ensure that the platform and its processes are compliant with EU VAT regulations.

For the above at least two areas, this companie wants to evaluate potential service providers/ partners who could support them with the following:

  1. Reviewing their processes to ensure auditability is in line with regulations in Europe (identify the gaps and remedies in their tool)
  2. Offer a certificate of compliance
  3. Option for extended technology solution for invoice authenticity/integrity

The E-invoicing Platform wants to help this organisation, and reaches out to you in the hope that based on your experiences you would like to get into contact with this company to partner up on the described services.

Send me an e-mail (jong[at]eeiplatform.com), and I will forward it to the company. They will contact you.

Disclaimer: the E-invoicing Platform has no contractual or commercial connections with this company.


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