Public e-procurement laws in Uzbekistan updated

February 21, 2013  |  Asia, E-procurement, Government

uzbekistan thumb Public e procurement laws in Uzbekistan updatedHave you all regained your breath after yesterday’s e-procurement trip to Moldova? Well, pack up your bags then, because we’ve go another stop for you in this e-procurement holiday. It’s only a 4,500 kilometre drive. Welcome to Uzbekistan, one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world. And thanks to a joint UNDP project with the Ministry of Finance, Uzbekistan is now also a country with updated public e-procurement laws. The result? The process of supplying better quality goods to public entities has improved.

Reforms and results

UNDP has helped introduce changes based on recommendations from national consultants. They analysed current legislation and practices in Uzbekistan’s public procurement system and proposed specific reforms.

These changes include:

  • Better placement of quality characteristics on the procured goods, services and works
  • More efficient and paperless ordering at the commodity exchange
  • Introduction and maintenance of a blacklist of unreliable suppliers
  • Clarifications of procedures

The changes have helped:

  • Increase the transparency of electronic auctions
  • Make the process more client-oriented
  • Increase adaptability of public procurement to the changes in the procurement market
  • Decrease the risk of impunity for unscrupulous suppliers and customers

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