PrimeRevenue teams up with OpusCapita to free up cash for SMEs

September 29, 2015  |  Electronic Invoicing, Supply Chain Finance

PrimeRevenue is a major platform for working capital finance solutions. It signed a strategic partnership with OpusCapita, a leading provider of Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash services. Addressing the high demand for supply chain finance in the Nordics, OpusCapita is leveraging PrimeRevenue’s product suite to deliver a unique range of multi-funder supply chain finance solutions for companies in the region.

Miikka Savolainen, Director for Supply Chain Finance, OpusCapita:
“Our new supply chain finance offering optimizes both the buyer’s and the supplier’s working capital and helps both parties ensure that they have liquid assets at their disposal when needed. We selected PrimeRevenue as our supply chain finance partner because they have demonstrated years of leadership in this space.”

“OpusCapita launched the first major supply chain program in Finland. Such large scale financing solution with hundreds of suppliers as part of a program has not been seen in the Nordics yet. This program is enabled by OpusCapita’s sophisticated supply chain finance services and PrimeRevenue’s platform.”

Dan Juliano, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Product, PrimeRevenue:
“Partnering with PrimeRevenue gives OpusCapita’s customers access to a global platform for processing supply chain solutions financed by banks and non-bank funders. Adding PrimeRevenue’s supply chain financing platform to OpusCapita’s procure-to-pay solution allows them to add more differentiated value to their network of buyers and suppliers. The combined solution allows OpusCapita to monetize their network by provide working capital finance to their thousands of buyers and suppliers.”


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