Poland plans to use PEPPOL for B2G electronic invoicing

October 1, 2013  |  E-procurement, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Sebastian Christow, Director of Electronic Economy, Department of the Polish Ministry of Economy, revealed at the EXPP Summit that Poland is to adopt PEPPOL for B2G e-invoicing After Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Poland is the next country to implement PEPPOL. Though the PEPPOL project ended last year, the results are now administered in the OpenPEPPOL community.


The main goal of the OpenPEPPOL community is to continue spreading adoption of e-procurement amongst European governments, promoting simplification through implementation of the PEPPOL specifications and by connecting previously isolated islands of e-procurement to form the PEPPOL network.

After one year of operation, the OpenPEPPOL Association counts almost 80 member organisations from the private and public sector across 17 countries, with over 60 Access Point providers available to connect suppliers and contracting authorities to the open network where standards-based documents are exchanged.


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