Placing trust in GS1 and PEPPOL, facing the UK NHS e-procurement strategy

September 23, 2016  |  Europe, Events, Procurement, Publications

To find out how much traction PEPPOL and GS1 has in healthcare, Data Interchange, one of the first PEPPOL access point providers to be accredited in the UK, hosted a round table of NHS trusts, suppliers and technology providers at the London headquarters of GS1 UK and commissioned a free report.

Funding for PEPPOL and GS1 implementation was highlighted during the roundtable as the biggest stumbling block. In line with Lord Carter’s report on efficiencies, NHS trusts are expected to fund putting PEPPOL and GS1 in place from future savings, but the roundtable heard that fitting this in around other priorities is difficult.

Although NHS trusts are well aware that the strategy is mandatory, few are as far advanced as they would wish. As for suppliers: many large companies are making multi-million pound, multi-year investments but smaller UK manufacturers and distributors may be waiting to see whether there is any traction before making changes. However, it would seem that the message is starting to get through that PEPPOL and GS1 compliance is serious and is happening. The need for the demonstrator sites to establish a critical path towards the mandated standard for suppliers as well as NHS trusts was emphasised.

Despite the concerns voiced, the consensus was that the PEPPOL and GS1 drive is moving, even accelerating. The critical factor is to gain recognition that this is not a procurement or supply chain initiative, it’s an organisation initiative, with trust-wide impact.

To receive a copy of the roundtable report, ‘The Benefits and Challenges of Adopting PEPPOL and GS1 standards’, please email: [email protected].

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