PEPPOL made mandatory for Swedish central government agencies as of 2018

Peter Norén, head of Unit at ESV, announced that ESV adopted the regulations for e-procurement in Swedish central government agencies. The mayor change is a requirement that by November 2018 all government agencies shall be able to use the PEPPOL network for their ordering and invoicing processes.

The regulation issued by ESV explicitely states that central government agencies shall have the capability to use the PEPPOL network and be registered as recipients for different PEPPOL BIS messages in a Service Metadata Publisher (SMP). This is an important step to increase adoption of PEPPOL in Sweden and it will facilitate on-boarding of suppliers to government.

The e-procurement platforms offered by Visma and CGI based on ESV’s current framework agreements already include this functionality and so will the next generation of framework agreements for e-procurement platforms.

The regulation itself (in Swedish) is available at the ESV website:

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