PEPPOL Directory now live and available on

The PEPPOL Directory, otherwise known as the “Yellow Pages” of the PEPPOL Network, is now available in production at

The directory is a free-to-browse, Open Source service, designed, built and operated on behalf of OpenPEPPOL, which makes it easy for PEPPOL participants to find each other in the network and identify each other’s capabilities.

As of Oct 23rd 2017, the following SMPs already support the PEPPOL Directory : BRZ (Austria), NHS (UK), IBM, Invinet, InterCentER, (Italy)

If your company is already able to receive PEPPOL documents, and is not yet listed in the Directory, please contact your PEPPOL Access Point provider.

PEPPOL SMP providers will need to make a small one-time technical update to allow the Directory to access basic client data (i.e. Company Name, PEPPOL Endpoint ID, Country, Document Receiving Capabilities), and make this available for indexing.

If as a PEPPOL Participant, you DO NOT wish your company details to be made available for PEPPOL Directory indexing, please advise your PEPPOL Access Point provider.

Access Point providers will also need to collect the PEPPOL Business Card Data Elements and make those available for indexing.

You can search the Directory using any one of the terms below, or a combination of them, keeping in mind that not yet all PEPPOL Participants are available for indexing, and it will take some time, during the rest of 2017 and into 2018 until the until the bulk of PEPPOL participants can be located here.

Company Name Mandatory
PEPPOL EndPoint ID Mandatory
Country Mandatory
PEPPOL Document Capability Mandatory
Additional Identifiers Optional
Contact Details Optional
Registration Date Optional
Website Optional
Additional Free Text Optional

OpenPEPPOL would like to thank Ger Clancy (IBM), and Philip Helger (BRZ Austria) who were the Project and Technical Leads respectively, as well as all who contributed in the development phase.


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